Bread Cheese Menu 400g

Breaded cheese, french fries, pickeld cucumber and sweet pepper

28,00 lei
Pizza Iolo Menu 600g

Chicken fingers, wedges potatoes, white garlic sauce, pickled cucumber and sweet pepper.

29,00 lei
Chicken schnitzel menu 350g

Breaded chicken breast, french fries, pickled cucumber and sweet pepper.

28,00 lei
Muslitos 250 g + 80 ml

Muslitos, remoulade sauce.

24,00 lei
Chicken Nuggets 250 g + 80 ml

Chicken fingers, remoulade sauce.

23,00 lei
Falafel menu 400g

Falafel, french fries, tomato sauce

28,00 lei
Asian rice 500 g (Fasting on request)

Rice, mixed asian vegetables, sweet-sour sauce, chicken breast.

22,00 lei
Bread squid 250 g + 80 ml

Breaded crab meat, remoulade sauce.

23,00 lei
Mushroom rice 200 g

Rice, mushrooms, onion, parsley.

15,00 lei
Grilled vegetables 180 g

Grilled vegetables

12,00 lei
Extra potato wedges 200 g

Wedges fries.

8,00 lei
Extra french fries 150 g

French fries.

7,00 lei
Oven mini baguette 120 g

Oven mini baguette 120 g

6,00 lei
Extra pickles 100 g

Pickled cucumber and sweet pepper.

4,00 lei